Tim Lytle


Tim likes making things, is a lover of well built APIs, and hates the top reply. A former mercenary developer, he’s built numerous applications specializing in API consumption and creation. Now he’s working on new products at PhoneBurner. He also tweets sporadically from @tjlytle.

My Sessions

Building PHP Daemons and Long Running Processes


There are things you don’t want to, or can’t do, inside a web request. It could be a task that needs to be retired if it fails, maybe one that takes a significantly long time to process, or multiple jobs that need to be processed over time. Whether you’re sending an email, processing a video, […]

Advanced Workshop

Hands-On API Design


Building your next mobile app, SaaS product, or web app using an API first philosophy? Already maintain an API and want to step back and think about API design? Join us for a day of hands-on training! We’ll build and iterate over a simple API, exploring concepts that give your API a solid foundation: authentication, […]

Beginner Training