Why should you attend our conference?

… or do you need help convincing the boss?

Either way, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve put together a 2-page information sheet with tons of important facts and details about the conference.  Download it here as a PDF to share with your boss and coworkers.

But what can php[world] mean for you as a developer?  Your experience will completely change based on what technologies you use daily and where you are in your career! We’ve put together a number of pages below with customized information and suggested sessions you might want to take!

Which link matches you the closest?

Ready to Learn Laravel?
Need to Ensure Your Web Apps are Secure?
Just Starting as a Web Developer?
Are You a WordPress Developer?
Are You a Seasoned Developer or Team Lead?
Are You a Drupal Developer?
Looking to make the jump to Object Oriented Programming?