Laura Thomson


Laura Thomson is the director of engineering, Firefox Operations, at Mozilla. She has been in various engineering roles at Mozilla for the last nine years, and previously worked in jobs including Principal/VP at OmniTI, web developer, consultant, and computer science academic. She has written several books on various open source technologies, including “PHP and MySQL Web Development” (with Luke Welling, her husband). Laura is from Melbourne, Australia, but now lives with her family on a rustic horse farm in Maryland, USA, where she relaxes by indulging in manual labor and other rural pursuits.

My Sessions

Build Exciting Things With Boring Technologies


Elm. Rust. Spark. TensorFlow. R. Haskell. Mesos. AR. Diggory. Got you. ‘Diggory’ is a character from Harry Potter, not a technology. Or at least it wasn’t one at the time of writing. By the time you read this abstract, Diggory will probably be a JS build system. If you read Hacker News on a regular […]

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