Jordan Kasper

Shortly after it arrived at his home in 1993, Jordan began disassembling his first computer—his mother was not happy. She breathed more easily when he moved from hardware into programming. Jordan’s experience includes companies large and small, universities, and various OSS projects. He also participates in user groups, conferences, barcamps, and hackathons. Jordan’s primary mission for over ten years has been to evangelize technology of all sorts and share what he has learned to help others grow. In his down time, he enjoys puzzles of all sorts and board games!

My Sessions

ES6 and You: the Future is Now!


JavaScript is growing up, and browser vendors are on board! But many developers are stuck in the year 2000. This session will show attendees some of the more compelling—and practical—changes in ES6/2015. We’ll talk about new variable declaration types and scopes, default function args, object deconstruction, template strings, “classes,” and more. This will be a […]



Ash Grove B

Regular expressions exist in a mystical, magical wonderland many developers avoid like the plague. This talk aims to demystify this extremely useful and powerful tool. We’ll talk about what regular expressions are, why we want to learn them, and the basic ins and outs of matching text and seeing those results. There are many concepts […]