Joe Ferguson

Ministry Brands

Joe Ferguson is a PHP developer and community organizer. He is involved with many different technology related initiatives in Memphis including the Memphis PHP User group. He’s been married to his extremely supportive and amazing wife for a really long time and she turned him into a crazy cat man. They live in the Memphis suburbs with their two cats.

My Sessions

Throwing Laravel Into your Legacy App™

Ash Grove B

Do you work on a legacy application and yearn for the green fields and bountiful structure of an application built on a modern framework? Do you feel like the only path to modernizing your old workhorse app is to spend months or years rewriting it from the ground up? What if you could integrate modern […]


Zero to Hero With Laravel

Great Falls

Spend the day with an in-person instructor to learn the ins and outs of the Laravel framework. All skill levels welcomed. Has it been a few years since you’ve looked at full stack framework? Has your team recently adopted Laravel? Join us for a jumpstart training day of everything you need to get up and […]

Beginner Training