Ian Littman

Cloudy Hills

When he isn’t building or maintaining web applications (usually APIs) for a variety of contract clients or helping organize AustinPHP, Ian’s probably at, or biking to or from, one of Austin, Texas’s 24-hour coffee shops, or opining some aspect of transportation infrastructure.

My Sessions

Dependency Injection for Mere Humans

Ash Grove B

What’s the difference between service location and dependency injection? Why is this dependency injection thing such a big deal anyway, and how do you use it correctly? I’ll answer these questions and more, including real-world examples of refactoring an application toward the more explicit, testable, closer-to-SOLID applications.


Build a Bot!

Great Falls

Think you can do better than Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri? Want to build your own intelligent Facebook Messenger bot? Dipping your toe in the water is easier than you think, thanks to tools like API.ai and Google’s Cloud Speech API. We’ll start by building a chatbot that can keep track of context from message […]

Intermediate Workshop