Gary Hockin


Gary Hockin empowers users of PhpStorm as a Developer Advocate for JetBrains (fine purveyors of quality IDEs). He is a talented and evocative speaker, a cultivated author, and records elegant and informative videos. When Gary had a real job, he was a coder of at least “competent” standard with 20 years experience. When not developing, speaking, reading or writing about developing, Gary enjoys playing computer games and arguing with his wife and two kids. Gary has recently discovered that events ask speakers to write their own biography, and you can get away with writing anything you want.

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43 PhpStorm Tips and Tricks


As an experienced developer, I am way too busy not to use an IDE with code completion, refactoring tools, and step-debugging (and so much more). PhpStorm* is a fantastic IDE to help the skilled developer get stuff done quickly and correctly. Prepare yourself for a fast-paced look at 43 tips and tricks for PhpStorm, some […]

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Where to Start With Modern Zend Framework?


The Zend Framework has evolved over the years from a full stack magical behemoth into an elegant set of interlocking libraries. But where do you start? Which framework should you use, Expressive or the MVC? What on earth is Diactoros? Join us as we take a look at exactly what exists in the Zend Framework […]

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