Eric Mann

Tozny, LLC

Eric Mann is a seasoned web developer with experience in languages from JavaScript to Ruby to C#. He has been building websites of all shapes and sizes for the better part of a decade and continues to experiment with new technologies and techniques. Eric is a Tekton working with Tozny (https://tozny.com) helping to engineer better, safer, more secure ways to identify yourself and control your information.

My Sessions

2FA, U2F, OOB, and Other Terrifying Security Acronyms


In 2016, NIST announced it was deprecating SMS-based 2FA (second-factor authentication) from its Digital Authentication Guidance. As the internet works to harden application and online security, what are the proper options available for truly secure authentication? What are those OOB (out-of-band) transactions anyway? Why is identity security so hard? Come learn about the tools that […]


PHP Userland Security—Step by Step and Beyond

Great Falls

Too often, the security of our applications is an afterthought rather than a pillar of design. This leads to embarrassing leaks of information, unintended violations of security best practices, or even critical vulnerabilities. This tutorial will walk through securing an app from first principles through smooth UX. We’ll navigate password hashing, two-factor authentication, and login […]

Beginner Workshop