Dustin Younse


Dustin, a former 4th-grade LOGO Programming champion, discovered View Source in 1997, and has been making websites ever since. He has a long time obsession with making computer interfaces more human-friendly, rather than expecting humans to become more computer friendly.

My Sessions

Becoming a Better Developer Through Debugging

Ash Grove B

Trying to tame a modern, fully-featured web application like Drupal can be an exercise in frustration. In this session, we will be going over useful debugging tools and techniques that can help you see into the inner workings of all versions of Drupal. You will be better prepared to start building truly custom features into […]

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Digital Speakeasy: Secure and Anonymous Site Access


Tor is an invention of the US NRL, designed to route web traffic anonymously. Intended for communications between secret agents, Tor is infamous for its role in the less savory parts of the internet. In a post-Arab Spring world, Tor has come full circle with ProPublica and Facebook using the service to provide their users […]

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