Dan Fey


Dan currently works as a backend engineer for Crowdskout in DC. He works mostly in Laravel in the API and data layers of the application. Day to day, Dan spends much of his time writing code that ties together MySQL, Mongo, and Elasticsearch in distributed data ingestion and analytics platform. Outside of coding, Dan loves to travel, climb mountains, and jog.

My Sessions

Sharing Data in a Multitenant Architecture


Multitenant architectures provide great opportunities for scaling, but most solutions do not provide a way to share data between accounts. In this talk, we will introduce core concepts of multitenancy and explore a data model that allows two clients to share subsets of data instantly using a Laravel application and MySQL database.


The Power of Elastic Aggregations

Ash Grove C

Many articles and talks document how to use Elasticsearch as a search engine, but few go into detail about the powerful aggregation and analytical tools Elasticsearch provides. This talk will walk you through practical examples written in PHP using nested aggregations to quickly segment and provide data for charting among millions of records within a […]