Christian Varela

Conqueror Soft

Christian Varela, @gabriel0702, husband, father of three girls. He is PHP programmer with 13 years of experience. He started working with PHP to create web applications. He’s originally from Mexico, and he has lived in Miami for eight years. He created his own company [Conqueror Soft](http://www.conquerorsoft.com/). Currently, he works for both his company and CVS Health. He is the lead PHP programmer at CVS. He likes to play piano and guitar.

My Sessions

Create a PHP Library the Right Way

Great Falls

Have you found yourself wondering how to take advantage of what you have developed in the past for current or future projects? Are you tired of copying/pasting then adapting from your previous projects to the new ones? Start developing for the future and contribute to others by developing libraries and sharing them for use. Where […]

Beginner Workshop