Chris Wells


Chris is the CEO and Founder of Nexcess. Back in 2000, he started out in a garage with a handful of clients. Today, Nexcess operates a global hosting platform that employs hundreds of people.
The technology has changed a bit since then, but Chris’s values haven’t: we build the fastest hosting for the most powerful eCommerce and publishing applications, and we remain dedicated to providing the best customer support in the industry.
Today, Chris leads Nexcess by continuing to push the envelope on performance and hosting architecture. He attributes all the company’s success to the Nexcess team’s dedication to its clients and strong relationships with its partners.  He writes software in PHP daily.

My Sessions

Service Oriented Architecture, The Future of Cloud, and Why DevOps is Dead

Ash Grove C

Cloud typically offers the promise of innovation without actually delivering much new. This is especially true in terms of the way solutions are architected. Service Oriented Architectures have the potential to change this but also come with their own set of issues. In this talk, Chris will discuss how Nexcess is approaching cloud, SOA, and […]

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