Alex Weissman

Alex Weissman has been using PHP since 2006 and PHP 4. He’s active in the open source community as the creator and lead developer for UserFrosting, an open-source PHP framework and application with a not-so-secret mission to help developers learn to use modern development tools and write better code. Alex’s passion for education led him to found a math tutoring company where he lives in Bloomington, Indiana. Alex is a native of Baltimore, MD and makes a mean pizza pie. He enjoys Reddit and pictures of cats.

My Sessions

Hacking Laravel: Custom Relationships in Eloquent


Eloquent, Laravel’s ORM, is a powerful tool for interacting with relational databases. It models entity relationships such as one-to-many and many-to-many, but production applications often need to produce very specific data structures that cannot be directly generated from Eloquent built-in methods. Instead of looping through collections to wrangle your query results, it is possible to […]

Advanced Workshop

Essential Tools for Modern PHP

Ash Grove B

PHP owes its appeal and popularity to its low barriers to entry. Anyone with access to a basic LAMP stack can get started in just a few hours, but if you want to write a production-level application, you need the right tools. The PHP community today relies heavily on Composer and PHPUnit as tools and […]